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The Frozen North

Published 1922 This satirical parody of William S. Hart's melodramatic films finds Buster in the frozen north

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Gaslight1975 - - November 20, 2012
Subject: Well, *I* think it's funny.
Looks like I'm in the minority opinion with this one. It's always been one of my favorites. The spoof of William S. Hart and Erich von Stroheim made me LMAO when I first saw it 20 years ago. Love seeing Buster play against type.
Reviewer: SaturnineMind - - July 20, 2009
Subject: Translation to English
I was disappointed to see the titles in French. But I asked a friend who translated them into English for everyone's pleasure :

Titles in order of appearance :

Terminus of the Subway
Hands in the air
I was mistaken, This is not my house nor my woman
Follow them!
Are you awake? The film is finished
The end
Reviewer: katpooh9 - - February 25, 2009
Subject: It's still worth watching
It's not one of Keaton's best, but it's not a bad movie.
Reviewer: Cat Lady - - December 17, 2007
Subject: It left me cold
(Pun intended) This was a weird one that just didn't "feel" like a Keaton short, though there are some good gags in it. Later on, we know, Keaton was open to exploring new ideas; maybe this was one of his early attempts at something different -- parody -- and not a good one. I wonder what the audiences of 1922 thought of it, though. Maybe they loved it.

It would be two more years before a really good story based on a dream would be filmed, and he surely succeeded in "Sherlock, Jr." If "Frozen North" was one of the steps in that process, well, so be it.

One of my favorite gags here, and one that might be a little obscure to modern audiences perhaps, is his wearing the vanilla ice cream suit in the snow. I never knew such things existed until I read the Ray Bradbury story about one, and so I knew what it was when I saw someone wearing one on a crowded San Francisco street in twilight (the best time to wear one) in the 1980s. Astonishing! To have seen one under the perfect conditions, at twilight and in a nondescript crowd, and to subsequently see the one in this movie in the bright sunlight and the snow is pretty funny.

For the gags alone, I gave it 2 stars.
Reviewer: swampskunk - - March 4, 2007
Subject: Language...
Is there an English translation for this movie?
I enjoyed watching, but it would be better if I could understand what was written. Two stars for no translation!
Reviewer: heroworship - - February 18, 2007
Subject: Not typical Buster
This is not your typical Buster Keaton, which is why I can only give it two stars. Buster is not only the bad guy, but he does nothing to redeem the persona. The wrong-side-of-the-law humor is in poor taste, too lengthy and made me cringe. There are only a couple clever visuals which remind you that this is a Keaton film.

There is a brief attempt at the ending to overcome the perception, but it is too little, too late.
Reviewer: xe7AvSCq5N1 - - January 19, 2007
Subject: The Frozen North (1922)
Reviewer: innerearharmonics - - September 7, 2006
Subject: buster... william s hart....
it's buster keaton, but it's by no means his best. still pretty good though. what's really a pity is that there's no actual william s hart on archive.
Reviewer: nolight - - July 13, 2006
Subject: I did not caught the idea
I have seen this film and was quite suprised how boring it is. There are some scene which are nice, but most of them are .. you have the feeling as if is something missing. Music would be good, but it is presented here as a silent one, to create a form of atmosphere.
If it is a parody I am not getting the idea what it is all about. Yes it is always the women and Buster. But in this very film it is just boring.

You can watch it, but from my point of view there are much better ones here.
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